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    Tiny Wings

    Tiny Wings is the latest 99¢ app to hit #1 in Apple’s paid iOS shop.  I just finished playing it for the first time, and I had one of those “this-is-so-cute-I-have-to-tell-someone-about-it” moments.

    The game stars an adorable little bird whose wings are too tiny to fly.  Fortunately for him, the world is populated by beautiful rolling hills, which allow him to slide into the air and experience the feeling of flight.  Coupled with its gorgeous visuals, Tiny Wings includes a charming, catchy soundtrack that I’ve been humming silently while writing this short review. 

    Overall, playing Tiny Wings is simply a pleasant experience – the type you might be itching for if another bird-related app has you hitting your head against a wall.

    Download here: iTunes link

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